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Woman Beaten for Resisting Assault in India

What should have been a quick trip to the markets in Uttar Pradesh in India’s Mainpuri district turned into a horrific nightmare for a young woman on Tuesday, December 21. The entire incident was caught on video, which has been circulating the internet since the altercation occurred. The young woman, who remains unidentified, her husband and their daughter were on their way to the markets. Lost, the woman asked a group of men for directions before they attempted to sexually assault her and proceeded to rip off her dupatta. When she resisted, the men took to verbally abusing her and her husband and even brutally attacked the pair while their daughter witnessed the ordeal. Bystanders looked on and offered no help to the family in distress, and the husband even claimed, “I was pointing at the accused and showing the police who the culprits are. But the police just stood there, they did nothing.” In a statement that was released by the Superintendent of Police, Sunil Saxena, he says, "We have registered the case and after that the medical checkup was done. We have taken the preventive action by arresting the accused. The accused was arrested within hours of the incident and after that a special team has been made to arrest the remaining culprits. We have made a team which includes the surveillance team and sub-inspectors. I am monitoring that; soon we will complete the remaining proceedings." The woman is taking a stand against her attackers and threatened to shoot herself if they are not brought to justice. “My demand is only that two of them must be nabbed. One has been nabbed. But the other culprit should also be nabbed. And the culprits must be shown to me. I will eat after that. Until then, I won't eat. I said this to the police as well." Fortunately, one of the attackers have been apprehended and arrested and the police are still looking for the others involved. By Kelsey Seepersad

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