Hong Kong forces Lancôme closures

No concert, no customers. Yesterday, Lancôme, a French beauty company closed its main stores in Hong Kong after residents protested outside one of their stores and called for a boycott of all Lancôme products and any other products owned by L’Oréal. The protests began after Lancôme canceled a promotional concert featuring pro-democracy singer, Denise Ho. According to The Guardian, the company said they canceled the concert due to safety concerns. However, Hong Kong residents are accusing the company of cancelling the concert because of an online post by the Chinese Communist party in which they criticized Lancôme for working with Ho and calling for Lancôme products to be shunned in China. Ho is a supporter of the Hong Kong democracy movement and according to a Facebook post by the singer she agrees with Hong Kong residents in accusing the company of self-censorship. “When a brand like Lancôme has to kneel down to a bullying hegemony, we must face the problem seriously as the world’s values have been seriously twisted,” she said.   By Sidra Sheikh Banner Image: The Guardian  

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