As if we didn't already have enough reasons to be inspired by Shah Rukh Khan, here's another reason we can add to the list. Earlier this week, Khan gave a graduation speech at Dhirubhai Ambani School that included many words of wisdom. During the speech he spoke about his personal journey, childhood memories, decisions he had to make throughout his path and how those decisions and the lessons he learnt through those times are the ones he has carried with him till now. He used these stories and experiences to leave the audience with words of advice that they could apply to their own lives. Some of these words of advice include: "Listen to your inner voice and do not let anyone tell you who you are or who you ought to be,including myself.” "These are the only years in your life in which you will be allowed to make regret-free mistakes. As you do so you will chance upon your dreams and hopefully make a happy life out of their(parents) fulfillment." "If you forget the smallest of your people or become foolish enough to imagine the little graces you are given are of no value, you end up nowhere. When you look around you learn to notice all the tiny little things that make your existence privileged and special.” "A moment will come when it will look like there isn’t anything going right, and nothing you can do to prevent disaster. Don’t panic. With a little embarrassment, you will survive it, trust me, all you have to do is make a move, all you have to do is move on a bit.” He tweeted about the speech indicating that it was from the heart and listeners could choose to take or leave the advice.   These are just some of the things he said that will make you love him more than you already do, but if you need more reasons check out his feature in our magazine here and the entire speech below.     By Sidra Sheikh Banner Image: Tribune PK