Fort McMurray fire still burning as firefighters from SA come in to help

A month later, backup is still needed which puts the extent of the wildfires in Fort McMurray in perspective. Three hundred South African firefighters landed in Edmonton late last night to help tame the wildfires that caused 80,000 residents to evacuate and relocate about a month ago. According to CP24, Kim Connors of the Canadian Interagency Forest Fire Centre says the mobilization represents the largest group of wildland firefighters ever brought into Canada. The 300 firefighters are an addition to the 2000 flown in from across Canada and the U.S. who are already battling the 14 active wildfires in Alberta. The fires cover about 58-hundred square kilometers. Despite that, residents are expected to being to re-enter Fort McMurray in phases later this week. However, before they enter there are some criterion that must be met. According to the Globe and Mail, the criterion include: 1. The wildfire must no longer be an imminent threat to the community 2. Essential services such as fire, police, EMS, and health care must be restored to a basic level 3. Hazardous areas must be secure 4. Local government must be re-established   If all of the above criteria is met, residents are expected to re-enter as soon as the start of June.   By Sidra Sheikh Banner Image: CBC  

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