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Blood Cancer patient raped in India


Saturday evening in Lucknow, Northern India was gruesome for this unnamed 14-year-old blood cancer patient.

She left her home to buy groceries from a market nearby. On her way there, she saw an acquaintance who offered to drop her off at he market on his bicycle but instead took her to an abandoned bridge where him and his friend forced themselves on her and raped her by the roadside.

As if this ordeal was not traumatizing enough, a 38-year-old suspect identified as Virendra Yada, who volunteered to drive her home after the incident took her to the roadside and raped her again.

The victim who left for the market at 4:30 pm did not end up getting back home until 3 a.m. She has now listed the suspects to the police, and they have been arrested and are said to live close by to her.

This case arises amongst many sexual violence cases in India, from cases like a 23-year-old woman being penetrated with an Iron rod to the case mentioned in today's piece, citizens are now protesting against sexual violence against women. The government is also taking the initiative to amend laws and make the area safer for its female citizens by stationing female officers equipped with body cameras, helmets, pepper spray on the streets as well as increasing the amount of time sexual offenders that will spend incarcerated to a minimum sentence of 20 years, from the previous 10 years.

By Chizzy Obilonu

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