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Wedding Scents


While the Canadian weather makes it hard for us to believe that spring is here, it is and with it comes wedding season! For those brides and grooms to be, at this point the wedding planning should be complete and only minor details should remain. One such detail is choosing a wedding scent!

Now, for some a wedding scent may be something obviously required for their wedding day, but for others, it isn't something that is at the top of their lists. If you are a part of the all-knowing wedding planning team, I am sure you must have your scent picked out, but if you are a part of the latter half then you probably don't. But, don't worry while it is an important part of your wedding it is not the specific scent you pick that is important, but rather the emotions tied to the scent after the wedding. Therefore, regardless of which scent you pick, if you wear it for the first time on your wedding day it will become a special scent for your for the rest of your life! 

Here are a list of latest fragrance launches for both him & her that would make great wedding scents!


By: Sidra Sheikh

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