SHE Loves It: Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons & Love Flush Palettes

Okay, I admit I’m a little late to this party … but can we please talk about Too Faced for a minute? I have always shied away from this brand because the bright and colourful packaging seemed too young for my 20-something self. Now, my much more open-minded 30-something self has finally dug in and is seriously feeling regret for missing out on such great products all these years! My two favourite products from the line so far? Chocolate Bon Bons Eye Shadow Palette It’s impossible not to fall in love with this eye shadow palette instantly. The sweet scent of cocoa (a natural mood-booster) wafted over me the moment I opened the lid, bringing an instant smile to my face. I wanted to eat it, but resisted this temptation for sound reason. The 16 shades are a nice mix of neutrals and fun pops of colour in matte and shimmer textures. The antioxidant rich cocoa powder formulas are highly pigmented and longwearing. It’s a great palette for travel since the diverse shades let you create varying looks for daytime and the evening. Just perfect! toofaced-chocolatebonbons-eyeshadow-palette-makeup Love Flush Blush 16-Hour Blush Wardrobe Gone are the days when you just needed one or two shades of blush. With the return of the 90s “matchy matchy” trend comes the need to own blushers in different colours so you can match your cheek hue to your lips. Enter the Love Flush Blush Wardrobe, a swoon-worthy collection of 6 blushers in an adorable heart themed palette. The richly pigmented shades can deliver a subtle wash or a bold colour payoff that lasts up to 16 hours without smudging or fading. This product is now my go-to blush palette. I wear it nearly every day and the 16-hour wear claim is definitely true, even on my oily skin! What’s not to love about that? toofaced_loveflushblushwardrobe_makeup

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