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Redken’s All Soft Mega Is A Lifesaver For Dry Hair

Redken's philosophy for salon-quality results at home rings true for their brand new All Soft Mega line, a collection for seriously dry hair desperately in need of some love. The secret formula includes sacha inchi extract, aloe vera gel, cactus extract and their own special protein complex for a powerful boost of nourishment. While just using the shampoo and conditioner is sufficient, we tried out the entire line for spa-worthy treatment for our hair.

Taken by Ruby Zhao.



Originally, I had thick, straight black hair, but my hair has been bleached over three times. I have also been consistently dyeing my hair for more than a year. I tend to abuse the blowdryer a few times a week and I'm a pretty low maintenance girl on the treatment of my hair. Honestly, I've used a myriad of products without being impressed. At times, the conditioners were way too heavy and bogged my hair down to become a flat mess. Other products just don't provide enough help for my dry ends and bleached hair, and it made my hair feel coarse and straw-like.


The products I have used includes:  
  1. Redken's All Soft Mega Shampoo and Conditioner: perfectly softens my dry hair with its powerhouse ingredients
  2. Redken's All Soft Mega Hydramelt: all day softness and shine
  3. Redken's All Soft Mega Mega Mask: a 10 minute mask for serious moisture
  4. Redken's All Soft Mega Recovery Tissue Mask Cap: deep conditioning that lasts for three washes
After two weeks of using Redken, I can happily say that it's provided great results for the state of my hair. I love that my hair just soaks in the formula, making my hair soft and tameable by a brush. I normally use the leave-in treatment right before I blowdry my hair and it keeps my locks feeling smooth and pretty healthy considering how damaged my hair is. Can I also mention that it smells great and has lovely gender-neutral packaging? The shampoo also lathers up really well, making my hair look like I just came out of a bubble bath. Without a doubt this is a great line for people with dry, damaged hair. You can purchase it on their website, or at shoppers drug mart.


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