Have you been thinking about getting a bike lately? Well even if you haven't been, you may start after reading this. June is Bike Month and so not only is it a great time to ride bikes, but also a good time to learn about the benefits of bike-riding for both fitness and transportation purposes. No matter what your age is bike-riding is a great way for anyone to stay active and can leave a great impact on both your health and the planet. Here's a look at a chart provided by My City Bikes that outlines the impact of riding a bike versus using a treadmill for fitness on the environment and your wallet.
Biking for Fitness CO2 Emissions Dollar Cost
Treadmill Indoors (30 minutes) 448.7 grams $6.25
Biking Outdoors (30 minutes) 78.3 grams $2.76
Total Savings by Biking (per 30-minute session) 370.4 grams $3.49
  Don't have time to workout because of work, don't worry you can still benefit by riding a bike to work and using it as a mode of transportation. Here's another chart from My City Bikes outlining the differences between different modes of transportation on both the environment and your wallet.  
Biking for Transportation CO2 Emissions Dollar Cost
Car 103 grams per km $0.47 per km
Bus 38.6 grams per km $0.10 per km
Bike 8 grams per km $0.08 per km
Total Savings by Biking 30.6 to 95 grams per km $0.02 to $0.39 per km
Getting to save money, be environmentally friendly and staying fit all by riding a bike seems like a pretty good deal and if you think so too click here to download the free local My City Bikes app for beginner cyclists in Toronto for information about how to start bike commuting, and local beginner-friendly routes and click here to get all the information about the events happening in Toronto for Bike Month. Happy riding!   By Sidra Sheikh Banner Image: Torontonian